Below are a few testimonials from former clients that have worked with me or taken my classes.

I found hypnobirthing to be a great class for my partner and I. It not only provided great general childbirth education, but a great tool for labor management as well as some breastfeeding basics!
I am convinced that my labor moved so quickly as a first-time mom because of the great tools that Rachel and HypnoBirthing provided me with!
My birth was a beautiful experience and I believe that Rachel and her HypnoBirthing classes were a big part of it! I would recommend her class to anyone.
— Former Client / OB/GYN Physician
My wife & I took HypnoBirthing with Rachel and were blown away by her insights and her compassion. Further, she was an excellent teacher that was extremely knowledgeable, personable, and engaging. I would highly recommend her course for all couples preparing for labor.
— Former Client & ARNP/Birth Companion
This HypnoBirthing class was absolutely the best investment that I have made for my baby and myself! I had been plagued with fear about delivery before the classes and after I was able to go into labor both confident and fearless. Rachel’s teaching style and the HypnoBirthing Method give you the tools and assurance that you need to have a calm and easy pregnancy and birth.
— Former Client/Bobbi
Rachel, thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher! I could not have done this without your guidance! We kind of felt like a big deal…nurses were literally coming in telling us how amazing we were and that there was a lot of talk about how I delivered without any drugs! I gave many shout outs to you Rachel and HypnoBirthing!
— Former Client
After conducting a lot of research on natural birth classes, we are so happy we selected hypnobirthing and Rachel as our instructor. She was so supportive and reassuring and really helped us work out our fears of childbirth and parenting. The HypnoBirthing Method helped us both stay calm and relaxed which allowed us to have the natural childbirth we wanted. If you are interested in having a more relaxed, natural birth, we highly recommend taking Rachel’s class - don’t just read the book. She provides so many additional techniques and support that the book alone does not provide.
— Trevor and Angie
I honestly believe that your classes helped me handle it all. During most of my labor, I had a lot of visitors and they all complimented me on how well I was doing! During times my blood pressure was high, but I would just do my rainbow relaxation and it would instantly go down. We asked a lot of questions and tried our best to make informed decisions. I just want to thank you, because I learned a lot in your classes. I will absolutely be using these techniques for whenever baby number two comes along! :)
— Courtney
My midwife Jeane said later that she told the other OB doctors about the awesome HypnoBirthing experience I had, and that she had no idea I was even crowning until I said “it stings”. Hopefully she’s a believer in HypnoBirthing and will tell other pregnant women about it!
— Becca