SuperBirth AND Beyond. Rachel can help you prepare (physically, emotionally and spiritually) for a confident birth- wherever- you have chosen to have your baby. She can also work with you postpartum to ease the learning curve that often comes with having a new baby. 

Rachel can help you today! Need help breastfeeding? Worried if you don't get the help soon, you'll give up? Rachel will come to your house and get you on the right foot. 


Using the many skills she has amassed over the years of working with women and families, you will be ready to have your baby confidently. HypnoBirthing is the class. Want more? She can help!

Beyond: Breastfeeding (and then some) Support

Had your baby and need help breastfeeding? Feeling stressed about it? In pain while trying to nurse? Can't calm your system? Baby just cries and cries and you aren't sure what to do?  Feeling overwhelmed and wishing someone can just show you?! This is Rachel's expertise. Having worked with families for over 15 years, she can help you find that rhythm to better understand what to do and how to work best with your babe.

No need to get baby bundled up and out the door.  Rachel can come to YOUR house and work with you in your own surroundings. Doing in home visits is less stressful for families and helps Rachel help you succeed more by seeing what factors might be inhibiting your success and what is helping you already so much.  Looking forward to working with you. Contact me or call/text me 913-674-9766.